Thursday, May 25, 2017

Woke! (And Not Sure She Likes It)

I spent Tuesday afternoon at Justin and Claui's house, mostly holding Josie so Claui could get a much needed nap. When Claui woke Josie to change her, at last I had a chance at a non-sleeping picture

Changing time often seems to come right after feeding time and Josie is not pleased.

As our friend Vic noted, "There'll be times you'll call her Josie Wails." 

And she did but not for long. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

And Now for Something Completely Different

A Black Vulture (and a road-kill groundhog.) 

As I was driving to the grocery store on Monday, I saw a flock of these birds, maybe twenty, at the roadside and was amazed. We have lots of Turkey Vultures -- much bigger with red-wattled heads -- but the only place I've ever seen these guys was at Wakulla Springs in north Florida. (Justin tells me that they are common at the compost facility where he works.)

Anyway, I failed to get a shot of the flock but on my way back home this solitary specimen was obliging.

I think he or she is actually kinda handsome.

'Enough is enough,' he or she said.

'Move on. Nothing to see here.'

Monday, May 22, 2017


N_ _ SERY. What's missing, Josie?

If all goes as planned, Josie will be coming home today to the nursery awaiting her. We are all excited!

                                                 Books to be read to our girl. . .

A comfy chair for rocking her . . .

A beautiful crocheted sweater for the cooler evenings . . .

All presided over by a friendly cow!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Dream, Josephine . . .

                      Dream of green grass and deep shade . . .

                  Of singing water, sparkling in the sun . . .

Of fireflies twinkling in the night
And the sweet smell of honeysuckle on the breeze.

Dream of beauty before and behind you,
Above, below, and on every side . . .

Dream of the love that surrounds you . . . 

And wake, for your world is waiting . . .

Friday, May 19, 2017

Slipping Into Grandparent Mode . . .

                  Yesterday John and I both got to hold Josie! 

She was unimpressed, sleeping through the whole time we were there. 

 The news continues to be excellent -- she has to stay in hospital till she's finished the seven day course of antibiotics -- but she seems to be quite healthy and exhibiting all the proper reflexes for a young lady of three days.

Justin and Claui are getting more and more comfortable with dealing with her -- and we all agree she is pretty much perfect.

If all goes well, they should be able to come home Monday or Tuesday.

I am so impressed by the level of care at Mission -- and the willingness of doctors and nurses to take their time and explain things at length. Had this been an attempted home birth, Josie would likely not have made it as the C-section was performed just in time.

We are so grateful.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Blossoms . . . and Good News

Josie is doing very well and has been moved from NICU to a transition room where Justin and Claui can stay with her! 

John and I will go in later today and I should be able to hold her at last!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Josie Update

We had a brief visit with Josie yesterday. She continues to improve by leaps and bounds but will remain in the hospital till she finishes a course of antibiotics.

She has been moved to a crib; Justin and Claui have been able to hold her; and Justin has given her a bath.

Claui (that star) was up and walking and evidently feeling much better.

We didn't stay long as the NICU limits the number of visitors and Claui's folks and her sister were on their way. 

We all appreciate the good wishes sent our way. Things are definitely looking up!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Josie's Here!

Pic by Christine Hellman
Josephine Claire Skemp arrived yesterday shortly after noon.

 Claui went into labor Sunday night and was admitted to the hospital around 6 Monday morning. By noon it was determined that a C-Section was imperative.  

Josie is in Newborn Intensive Care due to some complications but she and Claui are doing well. Justin tells me that some of the tubes have been removed since I took this picture. (UPDATE-- all but the IV are gone now and J and C got to hold Josie for an hour last night!)

When we were let in to see our granddaughter, they had a blanket over her eyes as she was sleeping but these pictures by Christine show a pretty face.

CH pic

CH pic

She's a little over eight pounds and measures 21 inches.  Delicate hands and some rather amazing toes.

I am impatient to get to hold her in my arms. For now I'll hold her and Claui and Justin in my heart.